The staff at Midwest K-9 strongly believes in “motivational” K-9 training. We bring out the best in each dog, and teach where and how to funnel their remarkable scenting abilities. Training at Midwest K-9 is a fun fest for our dogs – it’s not work – it’s always play time.

Our dogs are taught the four basic odors and their derivatives:

  1. Marijuana

  2. Methamphetamine

  3. Cocaine

  4. Heroin

  5. Other odors can be taught as needed

Passive Alert

We train our dogs to “passive” alert, which means when the K-9 has located the main source of the order, he will sit at the location.

Aggressive Alert

We can provide an active alert K-9 upon request, which means the K-9 will scratch, bite, or bark at the source of the odor.

Well-Rounded Dogs and Handlers

All of our dogs are trained in advance of handler training, so the handler can concentrate on learning to handle the dog and spend less time away from the department. The dogs are trained in a variety of environments and a variety of floor surfaces. When handler training is started the team is taken to different locations to conduct searches. This makes the team more well rounded.

Narcotics Detection