Our dogs will be completely trained before you ever start your handler’s course. All training is done to maximize your success as a team on the streets. Our K-9s are trained in the following areas:


The K-9 will be taught obedience, which includes heal, sit, stay, recall (coming to the handler on command), and following hand commands from a distance.  All obedience will be both on and off leash.

Article Search

The K-9 will be taught to search an area and find objects discarded in grass, weeds and wooded areas.

Building Search

The K-9 will be trained to search a building or enclosed structure and locate and apprehend suspects hiding in the building.


K-9s are trained to follow human scent and/or disturbed/crushed vegetation left by a suspect and follow that scent trail to where the suspect is hiding.  K-9s are trained in all different types of environments and varied terrain, including grass, tall grass, wooded areas and hard surfaces.


The K-9 will be trained to chase and apprehend an individual upon command as well as return to the handler (recall) before engaging the suspect. The K-9 will also be taught to guard while the handler is securing the suspect. 

Patrol/Dual Purpose